Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Low memory in Cloud Bees

I've noticed that memory goes low at Cloud Bees RUN@CLOUD service. As I wrote earlier, about near-real time physical memory monitoring, this application works, but sometimes it's just not available. This is the image I've faced 5 min before writing this post :


Sacha Labourey said...

Do you only see that on CloudBees or also on a basic Tomcat?

Stas Ostapenko said...

Hi Sacha. I haven't had a chance to run it for a long period of time on my own host, but I did't faced any issues during development/testing. In my app physical memory state comes from native library with Java interface for it. I bet if there is a leak in my application, it will fail very fast since measurement activity happens every 1 sec. Application technology stack is Spring, Quartz, Sigar and BlazeDS + Adobe Flex 3 for live chart. I have to admit that this chart is physical RAM chart, not JVM. I dont't have any alerting functionality, but it's easy to implement, architecture is flexible enough.

I guess it will be interesting to take a look at overall memory distribution across nodes in the cloud on which app is currently deployed, etc. :)

willarrive said...

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