Friday, July 08, 2011

Adobe Flex Mobile On Android - first application

I think that new feature of Adobe Flex 4.5.1 Mobile is really cool stuff !!! I was able to convert existent application from my previous blog post to application for Android platform. Didn't tryed iOS support yet, but for Android platform things looks good.

So, few words about app. I have free CloudBees run@cloud account. Application from my previous blog post showing live data feed about physical RAM memory usage on server, one frame per second. Long AMF pooling used there to fetch fresh data. And Flex charting for visualization.

I have to admit that in mobile version plain AMF pooling is used, because I had no luck with long AMF pooling.

You can pick up this application from here -> Memory monitoring Adobe Flex Mobile App.

Maybe CloudBees will want to have it ? :)

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