Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to turn off popup page preview in Google search results

Did you enjoyed this feature ? This fancy useless annoing popup page preview images ? Ohh yeess... There is no way to turn it of using some kind of chekbox, so here is the solution for this.

1) Install Firefox extenstion called Grasemonkey -

2) Install script for Grasemonkey that will disable this shit - just click on install button at this page.

3) Say goodbye to page preview popups. Enjoy.

I believe it's hard to implement this kind of feature from technical perspective. I mean preview of web page. You have to deal with rendering HTML, CSS, JavaScript... a lot of work, but...

From user's perspective it's useless bullshit !


Anonymous said...

Man, you have just saved my life. I really do not need this ****. BIG hat tip to you! :)

Stas Ostapenko said...

yw, thanks for comment ;)