Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adobe Flex , BlazeDS and Spring data push RIA app

I'm playing with Adobe Flex 3 and BlazeDS last time. It's pretty fun! Imagine some kind of application where we need to process and visualize data which we fetching from some service at regular basis, for example every second. Maybe not so regular, maybe 10 seconds or something else. So, it's better to notify client that we have a new data and send it to client for processing. Data push - is when server pushing data to client, every time new data become available.

My example of such kind of application is RIA app for JVM free memory monitoring. It's probably useless, but approach is right, I suppose :) I have Adobe Flex 3 on client and Spring 2 + BlazeDS+Quartz on backend. I don't want to dive into technical details here(not now, sorry, maybe latter), just code and video of working application. Source is here (FlexMemoryMonitoring) and here is the video :

You can see fresh version of this application online.

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