Friday, August 10, 2007

Brainbench Java exam - passed

Yesterday I have passed Brainbench exam, Java 2 Fundamentals. Exam details:

Test: Java 2 Fundamentals
Date: 09-Aug-2007
Score: 3.88
Weights: 100% Java 2 Fundamentals
Elapsed time: 68 min 39 sec
Percentile:Scored higher than 84% of previous examinees

There were 40 questions, 3 minute per question. My transcript is here.

Friendly speaking, I'm not satisfied with my score. But I've got it without any preparation, just for fun. It is my first certification, by the way. I'm going to pass another exam at brainbench on J2EE 1.4. It is free now. Why not ?

I have no idea about authority of Brainbench certification. If you have any information, comments are highly welcome.


Nagendra said...

Can you write down some questions that appeared in the exam?

Stas Ostapenko said...

Hi Nagendra !

Brainbench exams is free again, so why not just to try by yourself :)? You can use Google during the test for the things you don't remember, for example. There were some questions something like "what is the result of this code compilation/execution", some about API, OOP. Friendly speaking, I don't remember exact questions. 40 questions... 3 minutes per question. In fact it is interesting experience to try pass it using your own knowledge. Good test results without real knowledge is useless :) Good luck !