Monday, April 23, 2007

Solaris DVDs for free !

Finally ! My Solaris DVDs arrived. I requested two Solaris distributions : open Solaris starter kit and Free Solaris 10 Media Kit (Solaris 10 11/6 and developer tools). It’s taken a lot of time from requesting to arrival. But.. it's interesting that "Media Kit" arrived faster from San Jose than "starter kit" from Sweden if I'm not missing something. Friendly speaking I’m almost forgot about this story at all... but it is doubly pleasantly to receive them now. So, I'm Solarised up to 100% :) Thanks to Sun Microsystems, it is really nice move. Not all the people can download 4GB distribution just to see what Solaris is. I will share DVDs in the university with some students and co-workers.

I’m planning to install Solaris at my second hdd, but not earlier than I backup useful information :) Starter kit has 3 distributions on Live DVD, but real system is rather more interesting. I saw Nexenta almost a year ago, so I can evaluate it is evolution. Nice idea – Debian system with openSolaris kernel.

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