Monday, April 16, 2007

IT Podcasting

I'm become a fan of podcasting. Why ? It is interesting to me to hear what the people say. I don't know, maybe it is wish to be closer to the technology leaders. I'm not able to visit such parties as ApacheCon, JavaOne etc. Maybe someday, somehow... :) So, podcast listening is a nice alternative.

I've listened few podcasts in Russian - one IT only podcast, another not so related to IT but from IT specialist. It was interesting to hear about lifestyle and some points from interviewer form Chicago, US. Another interesting thing (in Russian also) is about startup creation. I have a few ideas which I found interesting, but I need a lot (maybe not) of meditation to create at least business-plan and prototype. Searching a venture capitalist is the most complicated thing as far as I see. But maybe not. I'm noticed that I have a visitors from different kind of financial organizations. Will see :) I guess the most exciting thing of startup creation is that I'm not loosing something. When it is successful - I won, when not - I'm also won because I completed some work and added a line to my CV. When you have nothing life is simple - go and fight :)

Of course I'm interested in Java related podcasts. I've found one -
I have to admit that is not too easy to perceive sound. English is not my native language, so I need a lot of practice. As the Lenin said "To learn, to learn and to learn once again!"

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