Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Struts 2 and Injection of Control

As I wrote before, I decided to use Struts 2 + EJB 3 for a new project. I want to use dependency injection for Struts and EJB integration. JNDI lookups is not interesting :) Dependency injection is possible with the help of Spring plug-in bundled with Struts. So, I need to be familiar with Spring. But I'm not yet :) OK. Googling around I have found a book "POJOs in Action" by Chris Richardson. There is some info about "Integrating Spring and EJB dependency injection". But... i started to read it from the beginning... Why ? Its all because review by some architects which are comparing this book with famous Martin Fowler’s great book
"Enterprise Architecture Patterns". Good points ! I'm reading it now and I like it :) I hope this book can help me in the future to make more smart architectural decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Did you end up using Struts 2 with EJB 3? If so, you used Spring as the glue between your web and EJB app? I'd be interested in what your experience has been.