Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Google Analytics stats

As you can see, the topics of my blog is very different. It is pity but I don't have almost any feedback. I hope my readers understand my poor English :) So, I rely on statistics... Here is the top 5 keywords from search engines :

  1. Stas Ostapenko python
  2. "martin fowler"
  3. netcracker, sumy
  4. sumy, netcracker
  5. moscow netcracker salary
Ahaa :) It seems to be that the most interesting thing in my blog is a blog entry about NetCracker. OK. I'll disappoint you a little - this is my last entry about this company. I'm not angry that I'm not working with them. Some facts persuaded me that QA is not interesting field for me. I'm developer but QA engineer is NOT. Of course, the salary at this company is bigger than I have at my primary work at Sumy State University. But the question is not in salary only. All the people is different and my self-analysis says me that I'm developer. I heed to create something by my hands, and not write test-cases. It doesn't make sense in preparing person as QA which will migrate to developers as soon as possible.

But from the other side, it was very interesting experience when I tested my web application with Mercury LoadRunner 8.0 and RadView TestView products. It fun to see an web application written by myself under stress of few thousands virtual users. You can see some things that you couldn't even imagine as developer !

I saw the visitors from NetCracker (according to Google Analytics) many times. From Russia, Moscow and USA, Waltham. Hello and Welcome ! I'm glad to "see" you ! If you (or any other my reader) would like to contact me, here is my e-mail : stas dot ostapenko at gmail dot com.
Somebody, take a look at and click submit. Friendly speaking I expected to see the same form with validation error messages, but I'm not. It is a little bit strange to have OSS solution based on J2EE and web site with ugly CGI perl script. It is only my opinion !

But... Operation Support Systems is still interesting for me. Why ? Mm... The most interesting things appear at the cross of different fields. In this case it is network management and business management of the system of great complexity.

Python ? I like it ! :) Just 10 lines of code and you make something useful. I promise to write something about Python and Internet Explorer interaction. All this playing takes time , I can't say when I get something really interesting to write about.

Good luck !


Amir said...


So how was it to test your application with LoadRunner and TestView? Which of them was easier to user? Which one worked better for you?
Just curious to know what you think...

Stas Ostapenko said...

Hi, Amir!

I had an application with AJAX capabilities. User submits form and at server side started some long running action. AJAX client is responsible for informing user about status of this action and redirect to results when it is finished. How to test such thing under stress? :)

Both LoadRunner and TestView can record a script and play it back. But recording a script in my case does not solve a problem. For example I'm recording a script for one user where I get one POST, then I need to wait while my action at server side is finished (let it be time T) and then redirect to result. With multiply virtual users our time to accomplish long running action Tl became bigger than recorded T for one user since overall load increase on server. So, if we try to use a script recorded for one user we'll get a problem - redirecting user to non existed results, since time to finish action Tl > T. Modification scripts in LoadRunner bring some results.

Of course LoadRunner is complex and it is hard to understand it when you never seen it before. But recording a script in C is nice, since I don't need to learn some home-grown language. As for me I would like to see ability to use such kind of scripts in Java since I'm not a C expert.

Reporting capabilities is also nice + ability to export report in MS Word format.

I think TestView is easier to user but LoadRunner looks like more "advanced" tool.