Sunday, February 11, 2007

Apache OJB mailing list

Take a look at interesting discussion at apache ojb mailing list. It is here. Why I'm writing about OJB ? Actually I have an experience of failed project when we used OJB (OJB was not the root of evil).

Almost two years ago I started on real J2EE project. I was really green that time :) I had no idea what is ORM and why some people used it. I had some issue with class loader, limited support for hsqldb (<1.8) no book about OJB, such as "Hibernate in Action" for Hibernate... My suggestion to change persistence framework was rejected by manager (I hope he does not feel angry with me).

And now I see (after two years) a phrase "Shit happens! ;-)" from one of developers... I wish you to understand me correctly. I'm not say that OJB is ugly. It works perfect for some people. But at the moment I'm described it wasn't the best choice. Not more and no less.

By the way, interesting link. I had never seen it before. It is activity stats of Apache projects mailing lists.


AR said...

This is a completely normal situation. Every software product have it's own life. When you develop something you assume that you use the best tools for the moment. But after a while you see that things have changed and you have to upgrade/refactor/rewrite. That's why a releases exists. :)
About your particular case - difficult to say something specific without knowing your task details. If you want to be in mainstream - definitely better to go with Hibernate.

Stas Ostapenko said...

Hi AR!

I'm glad to see you at my blog.

Learning curves for OJB and Hibernate for a person with zero knowledge in ORM field are very different. Jump starters can feel more comfortable with OJB, but newbie’s probably not. Friendly speaking I couldn’t understand the meaning of "persistence" and why it's "transparent" when we started :)) It was a great time of discovering new world.